From a shy stray kitten in a junk yard, rescued by the gentleman who picked up our lab samples, Midnight was adopted by Victoria (our Hospital Manager)'s father where she brought him great comfort for two years.  When Victoria's dad passed away, Midnight came to live with us.  Midnight has evolved into Official Recovery Assistant, taking it upon herself to lie with our patients as they recover from their anaesthetic.  She also has developed from a fearful kitten to a cat who knows how to communicate with our canine patients in such a way that she NEVER gets chased by them, rather serenely allowing herself to be inspected by them--wet noses and all.


"Lizzie first came to the Chidiac Animal Hospital after being declined as a blood donor from the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center North.

We are sure that Lizzie was a lounge singer in a previous life, and our proof is that she has a voice that has been exposed to too many cigarettes and the attitude of "you can admire me but don't you dare try to touch me!"



Hello, my name is Slinky. I am the baby of the Chidiac Animal Hospital family. I am shy but love being held and petted.

Slinky was surrendered to us by the same client that gave us Midnight. She has come a long way from always wanting to be on her own to walking around the back of the clinic like she owns the place.

Once she knows you, she loves you! She is an excellent addition to the Chidiac Animal Hospital family.