Trouble came to us as a 6-month-old stray--a neighbour saw her frantically trying to get back in to her owner's home and after several days, he could not stand to watch any longer and brought her in to us.  Well, Trouble is not shy about expressing her feelings--she screamed! and ate! and told us all how mad she was about being locked out.  The door can be opened and Trouble will not venture one toe outside.  She is quite amusing--watching appointments through the door windows, batting her front paw through the bottom of the door, asking for taps to be turned on for a drink, sitting on clients laps and checking out purses for a snack.  Not a snuggly type, she prefers to be admired from a respectable distance but does allow for pats and massages...and treats.

Patches was rescued by the OSPCA in the spring of 2013 when she was approximately one year of age.  When she was taken for a veterinary check up, they realized her right eye was so damaged, it would have to be removed.  Shortly after her surgery, Patches came to our clinic to be adopted through our partnership with the Muskoka SPCA.  While she was here, Patches became very ill and required more surgery and treatments.  We completed the surgery and kept Patches at our clinic for future monitoring of her health.  She is a wonderful addition to our clinic, very loving and chatty!




Coco is an 8 year old African Grey parrot. Jocelyn acquired him 1 year ago. Since his arrival he has demonstrated many talents that never cease to amaze her. He is always chatting away often times having a conversation with himself and other times engaging himself into the family activities with various phrases and lots of cheering and "whoo hoo's!" followed by his own round of applause.
Coco comes to the Gravenhurst clinic to help him over come some phobia's that he has with being around new people and new situations. He enjoys listening to Christine's laugh and mocking her, while mimicking a fire alarm when anyone walks in who is not paying attention. He has a large vocabulary, enjoys saying "Hello" when the phone rings. Coco likes to "meow" when we showcase spca cats and likes to "Bark" when other dogs are barking as well.
Coco's highlight of the day is receiving almonds from staff members and his daily visit from Chris our Purolator man.