Canine Female Reproductive Services

What canine female reproductive services are offered at Chidiac Animal Hospital?
- artificial insemination
- surgical insemination
- pregnancy palpation
- pregnancy radiographs
- breeding timing: including progesterone and lutenizing hormone levels and vaginal crenulation
- vaginal cytology
- caesarean sections
- treatment and management of reproductive tract health

What do you recommend for ovulation timing?
- Depending on the type of semen being used, different degrees of accuracy are required. Fresh semen provides a significantly larger window of opportunity as compared to frozen semen.
*Fresh and Fresh-Chilled Semen: progesterone testing and behaviour every 2-3 days is usually sufficient
*Frozen Semen: progesterone testing, vaginal cytology, vaginal crenulation and behaviour are recommended due to the short life-span of this type of semen
- An added benefit of ovulation timing is that it allows for an accurate due date within a 24 hour window

When should I have a pregnancy palpation/radiographs done?
- The best time to have a pregnancy palpation done is during the third week of pregnancy as calculated from fertilization.  Radiographs need to be done after the puppies’ skeletons have started to calcify. The best time to do a pregnancy radiograph is approximately one week prior to the due date.

Caesarean sections
- We are available for planned and emergency C-sections. For planned C-sections we require that ovulation timing be done at the time of breeding to accurately schedule the C-section. Emergency C-section availability is offered 24 hours a day almost every day of the year.  We politely ask that you contact us a week prior to your bitch’s due date to arrange if you would like our staff on call for a potential emergency C-sections.

When should I consider a Caesarean section?
- Certain breeds are known to have difficulties whelping (i.e. bulldogs, Boston terriers). With these breeds it is often wise to schedule a planned C-section so that we can be as prepared as possible. Also when a larger breed bitch has only one or two puppies they may not be able to signal that they are ready to be born or may be too large for natural delivery. In this case planning a C-section is also advisable.
- However, complications can occur in any delivery and an emergency C-section may be required. For this reason it is advisable to have our staff on call for your bitch’s whelping.

Medical Management of Pyometra
- We understand the value of your bitch and her breeding future and understand that spaying is not always a choice you want to make. With this in mind, we offer to medically manage pyometras. Our success rate is quite high and we have had several of our pyometra cases go on to have full, healthy litters on their next heat.

The veterinarians and staff at the Chidiac Animal Hospital have a special interest in canine reproduction and many of us are also breeders and are active within our individual breeds and dog sports. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our canine semen services in further detail, we would love to talk to you.
We can be reached by phone at (705) 835-7005 or toll free at 1-866-922-0021.